The performance of any key component is always critical to the drilling program. From the procurement of raw material to the final integrated manufacturing process, TSC HDD ensures this performance through rigorous Quality Control systems. Our green tubes and tool joints are supplied by carefully selected manufacturers following a thorough vetting of their product quality standards.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility includes modern friction welding, upset forging, a walking beam heat treatment furnace, full EMI Magnetic Particle and Ultrasonic Inspection along with advanced process control systems. All of this is put in place with one goal in mind…to demonstrate our total commitment to quality. Products are manufactured with international standards as well as strict client specifications. TSC HDD employees are fully trained and instructed in the importance of quality.


Green tube hollows supplied by selected domestic and foreign sources are upset forged, heat treated to grade and electro-magnetically inspected. Tool joint forgings are purchased from qualified steel suppliers following strict TSC HDD specifications. Pin and box connections are machined to API or proprietary specifications and 100% inspected for quality prior to phosphate coating. The final stage of manufacture involves the inertia/friction welding of the tool joint to the upset to grade tube. Following the flash removal as well as the quench and temper of the weld area the fully manufactured drill pipe goes through final inspection and testing prior to marking and varnishing.


TSC HDD specifies proprietary chemistries which call for stringently clean steel with enhanced hardenability. In the tool joint this produces uniform mechanical properties throughout the material and ensures the optimum product performance. Tube chemistries are matched to our quench and temper heat treatment processes achieving excellent impact values which are important for fatigue resistance and maximum product life.


Fatigue of the transition area between the tool joint and the drill pipe is the most common cause for washouts and failures. TSC HDD, using our own specialized forging equipment, has also developed proprietary tooling and manufacturing techniques to forge an extended upset with a very gradual taper. The unique extended upset taper, engineered by TSC HDD translates to drill pipe performance you can depend on. This smooth transition is also beneficial for application of internal plastic coating.